Monday, April 24, 2017

Must Read "Incomplete Sentence" By E.E. Kennedy

Gregory Rasmussen, the infamous Rasputin Killer, never served the sentence handed down in absentia for a particularly brutal murder. He has eluded the law for years, but he is now believed to be in the North Country. When a resident is murdered at the local retirement home, speculation about the killer’s identity fills the headlines. Then another victim is found at Chez Prentice.

Trapped in her snowbound B&B with elderly new friend Hugh Channing, father of the first victim, and her baby, Janet, Amelia Prentice Dickensen and her staff are asking themselves: Where is the murderer? Is he really the Rasputin Killer? Could one of their guests be the infamous psychopath, known for his power to charm and his fine singing voice? Will publicity surrounding the discovery of a dead body in the basement put the B&B out of business?

Interspersed with humor and local Adirondack color, Amelia’s latest murder case is especially chilling.

An intriguing, delightful mystery, Incomplete Sentence captured my attention right from the very beginning with the suspenseful prologue. This is the fourth book in the Miss Prentice Mystery Series by E. E. Kennedy. Although I had not read the first three installments, the author made it easy for me to jump right in and follow along while the characters developed and the storyline unfolded.

Incomplete Sentence is a  “cozy mystery” in my opinion, as the main setting of the story is a charming bed and breakfast and the small cast of characters have somewhat quirky, interesting personalities. I found the main female character  to be quite funny, correcting everyone’s grammar. There is a warmth, fitting the cozy genre.

However, it is also full of suspense, keeping mystery lovers turning the pages quickly, reveling in the tension and detective work that’s going on as well. I was held captive as the plot unfolded and the individual characters both intrigued and amused me. I loved the twists and turns and admit I was confounded at times when I thought I knew who the killer was, only to find out I was wrong, and was kept guessing.
Incomplete Sentence definitely has an ending that satisfies the mystery lover's soul.

I find a lot of mysteries lack the ability to hold the interest and attention of the reader, but not with this one.
E.E. Kennedy has a clear, creative and strong literary voice with great forethought.
Incomplete Sentence is very well written with smart, code-cracking intelligence.
I recommend it to all mystery lovers, to diehard cozy mystery fans as well as more suspenseful mystery enthusiasts.
It’s a great 5 star read.
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Sunday, April 9, 2017

"The Band 4: The Air We Breathe" By Marguerite Nardone Gruen

Thoughtful, beautiful love story. Do you believe in love at first sight? I do and so does our author  Marguerite Nardone Gruen, as she has written this sweet romantic, once in a lifetime, true love story.

The Band 4: The Air We Breathe, is a beautiful fictional story of two unsuspecting people that fall for eachother like Romeo and Juliet. I loved it! I loved the simplicity of the characters and how much they all supported and cared for one another. The story flowed nicely, and the writing and editing was outstanding. It is an engaging story of romance, friendship, a boy band, and music.

It’s a feel good book and a quick read; I couldn’t put it down. I was drawn in from the very beginning, engaged and smiling throughout most of the story. There are some ups and downs that the couple goes through, and many emotions bouncing around.
But they have a such strong bond of friendship and love, coupled with relentless optimism, that they triumph throughout their journey together. I love books that teach me something, and this one did just that.

I love the way our author  Marguerite Nardone Gruen, developed the characters and their interactions with one another. I was drawn to them and their upbeat personalities and outlook on life. I felt the author really had a voice and strong direction in her mind while writing this book. Some may think that it is a fairy tale like story but I believe it is true to life. Love can be the way  Marguerite Nardone Gruen has written it, and she has done it very well.

It’s definitely a clean “chick lit” read, filled with the feelings of excitement and mystery associated with romantic love. This is the first book in a trilogy, and I am looking forward to reading more from this new up and coming author of love stories..
Women of all ages will love it.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Monkey Business By Lois Schmitt

A zoo with its lions, crocodiles, and snakes is a dangerous place―a perfect place for murder.
When the director of a Long Island zoo is murdered by snake venom, Kristy Farrell, former English teacher turned wildlife reporter, takes a personal interest in the case. Her brother Tim, the zoo’s curator in charge of reptiles, is the leading suspect. Although the evidence is circumstantial, Kristy is sure the homicide detective, a childhood nemesis of her brother, is out to frame Tim.
Believing that the killer is one of her brother’s colleagues, Kristy investigates the internal politics and personal relationships at the zoo. As she delves into each suspect’s life, she uncovers weak alibis and powerful motives, including greed, blackmail, infidelity, and revenge. The trail leads her to a Greenwich Village pet store with a shady history, a radical animal rights group, a wildlife art exhibit on Long Island’s infamous gold coast, and a bizarre animal auction in rural Ohio where just about anything―dead or alive―can be purchased for the right price.
Meanwhile, the zoo is plagued with accidents, a second murder occurs, and Kristy’s life is threatened. With everyone’s nerves on edge, Kristy races to find the killer before the killer strikes again.
Monkey Business is an animal lover’s mystery. The book delves into the world of endangered species, wildlife smuggling, and the underground trade in exotic reptiles, birds, and mammals.

I thoroughly enjoyed Monkey Business By Lois Schmitt. It starts off with a proverbial bang.
Our author draws readers right into the scene from the very get go with her smart and funny literary tone.
There is a lot going on in this well written cozy mystery style book, with many scenarios, and easy to follow, twists and turns. It is written incredibly well and thoughtfully smart.. With the many, “whodunnits” and some what quirky characters, readers are compelled to put on their own detective hats as well.

Author Lois Schmitt gives readers interesting insight to the inner workings and politics of what goes on in zoos. I’m an animal lover, so I accordingly loved all the animal references and knowledge that is bountifully included in this story. But, I would have to say that even if you think you might not go in for a book where the main setting is at a zoo, you might be willingly surprised with this one. It’s colorful and hilarious; as I  laughed my way through the book.

I think the author  has a clear, unique voice and personal style of writing.
I was impressed by how the author tied everything together. Just as the title, “Monkey Business” sounds like a wild ride, it is a crazy up and down journey of how the main character, Kristy Farrell, struggles to find the killer of the director of the zoo.

Writing a mystery takes a great amount of intellectual ability in order to pull off the difficulty and ingenuity needed to create puzzle like scenarios. To present problems difficult to solve and situations difficult to resolve, can be extremely difficult. But author Lois Schmitt rises up to the mental challenge and pulls it off beautifully and expertly.
I was more than pleasantly satisfied with the entire book and very pleased and gratified with the outcome at the end.
That Book Thing  highly recommends “Monkey Business” By Lois Schmitt
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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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